How Does a Speech Become Your Inspiration?

A unique award for existence... A unique universal tool ... I think talking is a very special competence. Even we are using this competency for sharing our feelings and thoughts, our dreams, ideas, experiences, knowledge, it especially deserves a more special place. If the speech also touches the feelings and thoughts of the audiences and makes them happy, make them think from their hearts, makes their life meaningful and becomes an inspiration and motivation source for the audiences, there is nothing more to say!

By saying " Speech is Power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel” Ralph Waldo Emerson underlines the importance of speech.

Could a speech be a source of inspiration? It can certainly be... One tricky point is, for a speech to be a source of inspiration, it must activate the feelings of audiences, because emotions drive people, people drive performance. So that, a bond established between the speaker and the audience, can be a true source of inspiration.
“Speech is the art of using intelligence of human.” Plato
If a father who is speaking to his child, a teacher who is speaking to his or her students, and a politician who speaks to hundreds of people speaks by blending his emotions and thoughts the result will produce a well enough effect on audiences by touching their feelings and thoughts.
I must talk about "empathy" here. Empathy is recognizing the other person’s feelings and answer accordingly. A good speaker when preparing and delivering his speech uses this competency at highest level.
I made a speech titled "Empathy for Effective Communication" at the Enlightenment Meetings, which was organized by Employee Communication and happiness at workplace committee of Ünsped Customs Consultancy. I studied to find out how can I be a source of inspiration for the audiences and how can I make a motivational speech before I talked about effective communication and empathy in my speech. I did this by thinking about the industry of the company and their feelings and thoughts. My purpose was making the audiences think as well as bringing them new points of view with my speech.
I performed a speech by supporting with examples and micro expressions& body language while I touched the thoughts and feelings of audiences.

Yes, you cannot learn life with a single speech, but you can ignite the sparkle of life with a speech and you can create yourself sources of inspiration...