My Impressions from the 2017 Emotional Intelligence Summit!

I represented our country at the World Emotional Intelligence Summit!

I was a speaker at a very important event, where we were together with the leaders with the leaders from Dubai from 20 different countries of the world on 18th and 20th November 2017. I’m very proud of being at the point in my journey through the network of Six Seconds - which I first met in 2015 and is the world's first and largest Emotional Intelligence organization – and to represent my country.
In this two-day marathon, we shared our expertise with academic experts, training and development managers from global companies, and listened to current researches on Emotional Intelligence and gathered opinions for our new projects.
The catchiest point for me was observing that the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Model and its philosophy is a sparkle igniting the wick for a future development, even though the challenges are gradually increasing for individuals and corporations.
Throughout the summit, I have participated in many speeches, case studies and workshops in important subjects such as "Practicing Emotional Intelligence", Emotional Intelligence in School and Family", as well as leadership, performance, and "How does Emotional Intelligence lead to success" and "Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Customer Relations". Some of the topics were, "How does Emotional Intelligence create a value in the world?”, "Emotional Intelligence for building trust", "Strategies to activate the Emotional Intelligence".
I also had the opportunity to listen scientific data in the presentations made by participants, who are leading experts in their area, which are based on actual neurology and referring to real life.
The topic of my speech was "Positive Change through EQ Coaching and Training in Business Life”. In my presentation, in which there are samples from studies that we carried out in Emotional Intelligence topic in Turkey and based on rational data, we also had some application with participants. On the other hand, mostly the data were discussed about Emotional Intelligence assessments topic.

I focused on how to increase my capacity of blending 8 competencies in my Emotional Intelligence journey for creating positive results for myself and others. Meanwhile, I experienced the change very clearly in me at first with the scientifically supported assessments, and with the power and simplicity of the model. I received positive feedbacks after one or two sessions in my coaching sessions with my coachees. In trainings, I have experienced in many companies that the assessments are measuring the current situation clearly and people are influenced by the clearness of the model to act for improvement. This proved me once again how important Emotional Intelligence is for us to be more efficient, productive and happy in our lives. I say, "Emotional Intelligence is being smart with feelings" to the people who ask me "What is Emotional Intelligence?"
And I tell them, "Emotions drive people, people drive performance." and I quote in every training that it is too hard to achieve success by excluding the emotions.
It was discovered in completely scientific researches that the emotions are chemicals and they are not processes, which we can control or prevent. Here, we should learn that recognizing our own patterns against emotions by using our mind and moving on by evaluating our options after the incidents shall create the optimum results for us and others.
Of course, one of the subjects that left its mark to the summit was the one that kept us all busy: which one has stronger Emotional Intelligence, men or women?
The research that Six Seconds conducted in every two years, really gave the answer to this question. Emotional Intelligence can be strong both in men and women. The difference is in the building blocks of their Emotional Intelligence. For example, while men have strong building blocks in problem solving, vision, thinking in critical issues, tolerating risk, connecting information; women are more powerful in reflection, data mining, emotional insight, design, prioritizing.
As we can develop many muscles in our bodies, we can also develop our brain -which is also a muscle-, the center of Emotional Intelligence.
I have had a very enjoyable summit that I have met with people from different cultures, I have enriched my point of view and strengthened my knowledge. At the Emotional Intelligence Summit to be held in Singapore in 25-26 November 2018, I will talk about Emotional Intelligence Leadership Program that we have implemented as a case study. It gives me great pleasure to represent my country again as a speaker on such a valuable summit.

My main goal is to realize a summit on Emotional Intelligence in my country. I hope we will organize this summit which we started to work for it on 11 October 2018 in my beautiful city, Istanbul.