About Me
My Mother and Father

I was born as the first child of a teacher mother and father in Adapazarı in 1972. Being a child of two wonderful people who love to teach, and produce is a great asset in my life. They have given careful, comprehensive answers to all my questions. Since their approach reflected to our big family, I have asked questions everyone and got answers easily.

Since I lived in a big family, I had a lot of information sources. I learned from my parents to read books, to play chess and to make evaluations together and to question when I was so little. My sister, who has a lot of meaningful touches in my life, and I have been thankful for her presence all the time, joined my life when I was 2.5 years old.

During a speech while I was in 4th grade of primary school

I have a mark of every family member, every teacher, every friend. Being the cluster spokesman in 4th grade of primary school has left one of the most important marks. When I was 5 or 6, I have stepped up to a platform and gave speeches and I wanted to be a spokesperson very much at that time. I received praise from my teacher for my speech in my presentation. Since then, I have represented my class and school in any presentation and debates.

I was 13 years old; I was determined to study at a good school. Those years have strengthened me, taught me not to complain.

My father still says; “we could not overcome Erdem's determination about school."
I am the second on the left in the first row.

Meanwhile, I was playing mandolin, playing folklore and football. I was even preparing the football team's uniforms. In addition to these, I was earning my pocket money by selling sunflower seeds, cream and bagel. Producing, working and being a contributor has always been valuable for me.

I studied at Kocaeli Anatolian High School. A high school speech contest was organized, and my Literature teacher made me a jury member, not a contestant. I hope his ears are burning. That made me very proud. I was very fortunate that I had friends supporting each other. We're still in touch.

High School years were the years that I had been thinking what I would have been and what would have I done. My mother wanted me to be a doctor. But my teachers wanted me to be a lawyer. I spent my time in courthouse first and then in the hospital. I understood that these professions that have been proposed to me were not for me. I decided I wanted to study business administration. My goal was to be accepted to METU (Middle East Technical University). I finally got the goal, I accepted to the METU Business Administration department...

"I accepted to METU Business Administration by being ranked among the first 200 in university exams!"

I had spent most beautiful years of my life while I was studying at METU. I had valuable instructors who enabled me to understand the meaning of life and my friends who I feel lucky to know them. I had continued to be social person throughout my education. I worked in international youth, mountaineering and dance theater communities. Leadership and debate team leadership, which started in my elementary years, have continued in my university years. These experiences have given me considerable competence as speaker and trainer.

After graduating from METU, I completed my professional carrier journey as a coordinator position, which started as a specialist in Teba, Anadolu Efes and Gilan Jewelry companies. I aimed to make a difference in all companies and succeeded it. I saw all the benefits of being determined and focusing on the goal in my business life. Then I had the experience of establishing my own company, I established "Dymra" to bring innovation to the food service sector. I made Dymra the market leader in the industry and sold my shares.

While working at Gilan Jewelry, I began to question the factors that affect people's buying decision. In this process, I met with Emotional Intelligence concept. I tried to understand how emotions and thoughts are blended for better results. I decided to go deeper in Emotional Intelligence to produce better results.

I decided to work in the areas of "Coaching, Education, Consultancy and Speaking" which I think I will be happy, efficient and productive by adding value to the life with my 12 years of management, 8 years of entrepreneurship experience, many trainings that I had, and my personal characteristics. I graduated from Adler Coaching School, one of the world's leading Ecole’s.

I founded my company called "Hayatın Ritmi". I started to work as Executive-Team Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Consultant. My Emotional Intelligence, Micro Expressions-Body Language expertise were the building blocks that carried me forward.

With Six Seconds’ CEO Joshua Freedman...

"I am proud to have brought the world's first and largest Emotional Intelligence Organization, ICF business partner Six Seconds to Turkey."

My researches introduced me to Six Seconds in 2015, which I was deeply impressed with. I managed to become an advanced trainer in Emotional Intelligence area by participating intensive certification programs. Hayatın Ritmi company that I am the founder of it, also became Turkey partner of Six Seconds. We started to use Six Seconds' model and tools in our training and coaching. Six Seconds teaches Emotional Intelligence focused on "work, school and family". We are primarily focused on the business world in Turkey. In 2020 we will complete our structuring for "school and family".

I first saw the effects of Emotional Intelligence training on me. And I have been getting very effective results in my training, coaching and mentoring works for a long time. It provides a concrete development process.

"We are creating difference with our communication, leadership, team training based on Emotional intelligence."

"I use speaking as a tool while I am doing all these..."

I like to light a fire in people. I reflect what I have learned and what I have observed to my speeches. It is my priority to broaden the perspective, to offer new approaches. I am happy to motivate listeners to take a new step in their lives. It is important for me to hear they ask themselves "Why not me?" and "I have done it. I gave a speech at the World Emotional Intelligence Summit in Dubai in 2017. I was invited as a speaker to the summit to be held in Singapore in 2018. I am proud to represent my country in such valuable organizations.

Tango "A way of existence, which we live like we are dancing, and we dance like we are living!
Team Work with Syrtos with Corporate Companies

I have been interested in Tango and Syrtos for 20 years and I have been teaching these dances. Tango and Syrtos, each one is one of the tools that I use in my training ...

Together with John Leary Joyce, we have prepared an ICF approved CCE-certified "Tango and Coaching Training". This training was highly appreciated by the participants. Apart from our country, we have done this training in London and Budapest.

Tango & Coaching Training
"This beautiful horse's name is Güven. I miss him."

I use the skills that horse riding gives me, especially in my training, coaching and speaking sessions. Horse riding has a special place for me. Being companion with a living creature and communicating with our energies is a great feeling. It is a very nice sport that enhances your competences such as being responsive when directing and establishing clear communications.

Living different cultures, seeing new places, getting to know new people is a great wealth. Being a tour leader has given me such a chance. In my opinion, the tour leadership is to lead people to have a good moment in their lives. These experiences have a lot of contributions to the work that I am doing today.

Rio de Janerio

Family is one of my most important values ... It is a factor that strengthens me and connects me to the life. I am very happy that they are with me. I care about the happiness of all people, and I support executives, companies and employees to create a more productive and efficient, a happier future in my coaching, training and consulting sessions based on Emotional Intelligence.

Completed Trainings

EQ Advanced Practitioner - 6Seconds (03 March 2019)
PCC (ICF 2018) 
EQ Advanced Trainer (Six Seconds - 2016)
Micro Expressions Training (Eilert Akedemie Für Emotionale Intelligenze – 2015)
EQ Practitioner -  (Six Seconds – 2016)
EQ Assesor -   (Six Seconds – 2015)
Emotional Skills and Competencies - EsaC (Paul Ekman – 2015)
Truthfulness and Credibility – ETaC (Paul Ekman – 2015)
ACC ( ICF - 2015)
Cognitive Behavioral Coaching - (CoachPro)
Systemic Team Coaching ( AoEC - 2015)
Coaching Program  (Adler Central Europe – 2013)
Coaching Program  (Adler Central Europe – 2013)
Coaching Program  (Adler Central Europe – 2013)