"Consulting" is a work just like decathlon and contains many different specialties. It requires internalizing the company culture and analyzing skills. While you are sharing your experiences for meaningful results, sometimes you have to be a coach and sometimes you have to be an instructor...

I am a reliable consultant, with whom the companies that I work with draw their route map together while they are advancing through their targets.

I start by seeing the big picture, aim to form the main idea and move forward with them. I work with internationally recognized Vital Signs Models. I think the most important competence of a consultant is being reliable. Consultancy; requires durability. Consultancy is the job of those who know how to share. I also prefer to do this by asking the right questions that will make the companies unveil their own knowledge rather than a priggish "I know this" approach.

I use my experiences with a passion for creating a positive, meaningful and lasting impact by carrying the potential of the companies to performance step-by-step.

No matter what I do, I ask myself, "Why are you doing this?" I do consulting because I like to participate in success; just as I like to share my knowledge and experience, to facilitate, and to support ...

Consulting Areas


· Vision-Mission-Strategy Development

· Organizational Structure Transformation

· Creating Corporate Culture

· Truthfulness and Reliability


For the references of the Companies I have served in their journey as a consultant please contact. *



* In terms of our non-disclosure agreement we can’t share the names of the companies. Thank you for your sensibility about this issue.