My Emotional Intelligence Journey

"Purpose is integrating the thought and emotion to live more effectively."

Emotional Intelligence is closely related to how we understand life, how we make decisions, how we set the targets, and how we choose to live. Because emotions drive people, and people drive performance.

Emotional Intelligence is for everyone ... From children to adults, from leaders to companies, and parents to teachers, for all of us. For understanding, choosing and acting.

"Emotional Intelligence is being smart with feelings."

Parents who use Emotional Intelligence competencies effectively, know that it is important for their children to have not only "academic performances" but also sustainable relationships for being successful in their lives. A single teacher using Emotional Intelligence competencies in a school effectively, enables her to inspire her students. A leader with Emotional Intelligence improves his relationships to be more productive by seeing the business life from "human" point of view.

"The pieces of the puzzle were placed with the Emotional Intelligence."

I was working at Gilan Jewelry in those years. I oversaw the management of all stores as Coordinator. I came across the Emotional Intelligence concept while I was trying to understand the rational and emotional reasons of making the people significant amount of investment to a very valuable gemstone sometimes by deciding within half an hour. My journey started by reading books and continued by taking trainings.

"My journey has deepened by taking the certifications of the major Ecole’s that are accepted in the world."

I met coaching in 2013. I studied at Adler School and graduated from there. Emotional Intelligence concept also appeared in my coaching trainings. In 2015, I met the world's first and biggest Emotional Intelligence Organization, Six Seconds. I became an advanced instructor in Emotional Intelligence area with certification trainings and my company Hayatın Ritmi became Turkey partner of Six Seconds. I began to use their models and tools in Emotional Intelligence, communication, team building and development, leadership training and coaching.

"Emotional Intelligence makes you the leader of your life!"

I get very effective results at first for myself and my connections and from all training, coaching and consulting works on Emotional Intelligence that I have been providing for a long time. Being productive, effective, efficient and above all, being peaceful, successful and happy is possible with Emotional Intelligence development!

We've hosted Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessor and Brain Profiler Certification on 20-21-22-23rd December 2018 last year, for the first time in Turkey and in Turkish, with the collaboration of my company Hayatın Ritmi and Adler Central Europe the coaching school I graduated from. 

You can strengthen your Effectiveness and Relationships, increase your Quality of Life, Wellbeing, and productivity by learning and experiencing emotional intelligence with the World’s first and largest EQ organization Six Seconds’ crackerjack program. You can make your corporation change fast and in a rooted fashion, by strengthening effective communication, the choices and the development of employees' goal-driven talents, and employees' strategical planning competencies. You can start a unique change in yourself and the people around you for a more productive, and happier life. You can use Six Seconds emotional intelligence assessments and brain profiles in your training, coaching, and leadership. 

You can create positive change in yourself and others with the competencies you gain from this program which has a solid base with scientific methods and data. 

Also breathtakingly, you can enter into World’s first and largest EQ organization Six Seconds’ huge library which is the knowledge base of the organization. Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessor and Brain Profiler Certification program will be on 3-4-5-6th of October 2019 this year for the second time in Turkey. For further information, you can view Six Seconds Certification Training - 2019 Program and you can always contact us.


Six Seconds was founded in 1997, and it is the world's first and largest Emotional Intelligence Organization 100% dedicated to the development of Emotional Intelligence. Six Seconds teaches Emotional Intelligence competencies to enable individuals, teams, organizations, families, schools and communities to thrive.

Having offices in 25 countries and representatives in 75 countries; and interacting with approximately 4 million people world-wide, Six Second's solutions are transformative and gives people strength for having a positive future. Just like the schools that kids love to learn, companies that people develop, and programs to rebuild life.

Six Seconds has defined EQ as a set of competencies that enable us to blend thoughts and emotions to make the take optimum decisions.

Six Seconds helps individuals and companies to make more effective decisions, to establish more reliable relationships with others, to find purpose and to live happier.