Knowledge ... It is the most important part of my life as well as all of us! I am very happy to share what I know because it triggers my desire to learn. "I also learn from the wisdom of the participants during the interactive lessons."

I care mostly about the participants being active in my trainings. I create a structure, which meets their needs, satisfy their curiosity, have an impact on, and they can experience it and have fun with it. I have strong equipment that allows me to do these things. The schools that I've attended, my eighteen years of work experience, my coaching trainings that I've attended, on the other hand, my drama works, my gains from twenty years of dance experience, and training principles of Six Seconds and the training that I've given so far, altogether equips me from head to toe.

"I use my different abilities for training."

I start by gathering data from different sources, like a researcher compiling data from different places to produce meaningful results. I design training for the purpose. I design the training targeting that the participants leave the training with the targeted gains in their pocket at the end. Creativity is my ability, which is strongly supporting me.

"You told us in such a way, and we did not have a chance but to learn!"

Here, to hear these words tells me, "no stopping!". I use all my Emotional Intelligence competencies starting from the design stage for the participants to leave the training by gaining as much as they could as personal gains. When you listen to the participants carefully in trainings, when you open a door to their wisdom, the result becomes amazingly effective. Because; I am enabling them to activate their wisdom, to live through personal experiences, to deepen, to share the results of all these in training at that moment, to activate their emotions and thoughts for the results that they desire. I am trying to reach as many people as possible through corporate trainings, online trainings, as well as certification trainings and to contribute them to develop themselves.

I’m proud of myself on being the one, who will give the certification trainings of Six Seconds -world's first and greatest Emotional Intelligence Organization- in Turkey.

I provide training in different topics under the titles of "Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Communication, Team Development, Coaching, Human Resources and Performance Development. “I believe that I will reach my noble goal by enabling more people to reach their targets by means of these trainings.


When it comes to Mr. Erdem, the first thing that comes to my mind is awareness. He is a guide to the process of getting to comprehend how we feel, why we feel it that way and how these feelings turn into behaviors. I met him in the Emotional Intelligence corporate training, which our company organized. Mr. Erdem is a trainer who exceeds the standards comes to our mind when it comes to corporate training, whom meets with you before the training, who introduces you to yourself sincerely during the training and then when you look back and think, there is a smile on your face. Even though I’ve got the training months ago, I’m still having a warm greeting and conversation when I see him at the office. Today, this is the first training that I recommend my team and he is an exceptional coach, sometimes I find myself while I am applying his recommendations. He has a sincerity, gives awareness to emotions and behaviors and he is good for you.

We became acquainted with Erdem Ercan as an instructor and coach in our search for a firm, which can provide training for Hyundai Assan Production Site team leaders on "creativity" with a different approach. When we first met with Mr Erdem, we requested a training content which is different and have not been done so far. Mr. Erdem showed his professionalism in this matter not through the words but meeting expectations of team leaders. We had a great training with his knowledge, presentation, congeniality and different approaches on creativity. We would like to thank Mr. Erdem and his team for their contributions and wish to continue working on new projects of training.

This training was interactive and "on the job"; it was quite effective. It has a huge contribution to learn and to have fun as well as to give awareness. Getting this training from a trainer who is sincere and experienced in his area, created a difference. We had an extraordinary day, thank you.

I appreciate Erdem Ercan's ability to facilitate the subject, to control a bevy of people, to keep them on the subject, to make us feel transferring of his energy and emotion.

Thank you and god bless your efforts. Our instructor Mr. Erdem is very flexible, open, communicative, accessible. He was very successful. Thank you.