I know that every person is a whole, unique and talented. In my coaching sessions, it takes time for my clients to reveal all these. For me, coaching is to assist them to reveal their internal wisdom so that they can make their own lives more productive, effective, more efficient and happier.

I think Coaching is asking "the right questions at the right time" to assist the coachees on their journeys toward their targets.

After I have been working as an employee, a director and an entrepreneur with people, I realized that actually I wanted to share the things I learned and experienced, to make them find what they need using their own strengths and abilities when I ask them the right questions, and I wanted more to accompany them on their paths for creating a meaningful work.

I got my coaching education from the Adler School, which is one of the leading coaching Ecole’s. More education has followed this. I also improved my coaching knowledge and tools by working with John Leary Joyce, who is my supervisor, whom has a depth in Gestalt Ecole and founder of the Academy of Executive Coaching. I continue to study. I will not give up the magic power of learning.

I listen to my coachees by being in the moment and focusing. For me, coaching is like dancing in the moment. One of my strong abilities is focusing on every session for enhancing the options the client by increasing his/her awareness and for creating a change by improving his / her self-confidence, and "being in the moment". This ability contributed me to prepare ICF approved and CCE certificated "Tango & Coaching" titled training together with John Leary Joyce, which makes me proud of. We facilitated this training in London and Budapest as well as in Istanbul, which the participants gave their feedback in glowing terms.

I know that the emotions drive people. During coaching, I care to take the pulse of the coachees' emotions.

I start by listening to the client first and accepting what they are saying as they come. When my emotional intelligence competencies come together with my Micro Expression Expertise, it becomes easier for me to accompany to the journey of my coachee to find what is he/she really looking for. My goal is being able to make my coachees feel "I am feeling such strong to do it, and I can do."

"Trust " is "at the center of all my relationships in my life," whether it's an employee or a coachee, a customer or a friend. Building trust is a must for me."

Ethical framework of the professional coaching is a clear, valuable and responsible job. Establishing and developing a "trust" relationship with the coachee is at the core of this responsibility. Stating many of the people who I coached that they've never disclosed the things that they shared with me even to their closest relatives, is motivating me in my journey to become a better coach.

I've coached over 700 hours so far... I love to live my life like a coach apart from such 700 hours. Without prejudice, with high awareness and self-assurance ...

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

"Unlike IQ, we can improve the Emotional Intelligence." Emotional Intelligence makes you a Leader!
The effects of Emotional Intelligence to our life are now an indisputable fact. We know that leaders who use emotional intelligence competencies at the highest-level produce 43 times more successful results. I use Six Seconds profiles and tools as well as all my experiences and features in Emotional Intelligence Coaching.
In this respect, I process Emotional Intelligence on a measurable, learnable and developable scientific ground.  
I can offer my coachees a clear path, certain competencies that they will strengthen and clear targets that they will act. For a more effective Leadership with better relationships, a higher quality of life and well -being, you should experience the Emotional Intelligence Coaching.

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Executive Coaching

"It is a journey I have with the executive of a company in order to solve the problems that the leader is facing and to evaluate the opportunities."
During this work leadership capacity of executives develops. They gain awareness of their approach, behaviors and gain competence in self-evaluation. I support their journey to become an effective leader.

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Team Coaching

"For strong teams, I focus on increasing team competencies without destroying individuals."
Every company wants powerful teams that increase productivity. With Team Coaching, I start my work by providing a safe and supportive learning and development environment that directly impacts productivity and performance. At the end of my work, I use many tools to increase both personal and team performance, motivation and productivity. Thus, I contribute to the formation of teams that are more productive, more efficient and having high communication competency.

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Shadow Coaching

I am immediately mirroring the effect of the leader on the others to the leader for him to produce the best results by using my observation ability and my expertise on Micro Expressions and Emotional Intelligence!"
I assist the leader for contributing his awareness, so that his effectiveness, for enabling him to carry the action changes into effect faster, facilitating him to reach his goals, and supporting leaders to train their employees as a leader as well. In this regard, I take a journey with those who want to be the leader of their life and who want to use their potential in the direction of their goals.


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At the first meeting we had with him, we learned that what a great factor is Emotional Intelligence for the performance and quality of life. Everything that you need for reaching to success starts with directing the right person to the right job. He always shared his good experiences and knowledge with us by going around the all aspects. Erdem Ercan is a trainer who we always enjoy working with him with his knowledge, equipment, coaching and guidance.

I have discovered a completely different aspect of Emotional Intelligence when I got support from Erdem Ercan on its actual practices in life. Erdem is a coach who inspires, encourages and the most important, trustworthy on living his clients in their own journey and on recognizing and understanding the facts which they must be aware of, and who infuses his clients’ self-confidence for advancing on this path.

The coaching session with Mr. Erdem was enlightening. I needed this for such a long time. AS the atmosphere was trustable and nice I focused deeply on the all my feelings and areas that I wanted to clarify by speaking.

I am very grateful that there is a time investment on a personal basis. He was unique and very helpful. Mr. Erdem’s observations in a limited time were very impressive.

Erdem is the best example of how harmoniously analytical and emotional intelligence can be blended with each other, and how magical results and effects can be created when these two kinds of intelligence come together. You also observe reflections of this talent that Erdem has in his essence to his training abilities and coaching. His mind triggering approach and questions and one of his sharing and mirroring which is touching your heart gives you an awareness in many aspects. You understand that you must bring in your integrity to the environment and that you are not just a thought, but your most fragile states are nestling your most important strengths. In addition, you can get maximum benefit from Erdem's creativity. Bringing different concepts, such as Tango and Coaching, together in his training, reflects his colorful and free personality from one hand, it also encourages the participants to push their boundaries and to contact their creativity on the other hand. It is a great pleasure to know that we are laboring on the same path and for the same cause with this special person as colleagues and friends, who, I know he brings the values such as appreciating the value, learning, trust and sharing to all works that he does.

He hears and observes the untold. As a coach, he shares these strengths with his coachees and keeps a light on them.