My Micro Expressions and Body Language Expertises

"Watch your body language, it can be more effective than your words in your communication"

I needed more than the things told for being able to understand people better and for communicating more effectively. Here, I decided to take micro expressions and body language training at this point. We know that, there are many things behind what we say and even what we don't say.

The facial expressions, body language and tone of voice of people I communicate with give me important information about them. I approach to this information with curiosity and try to understand the depth of this information meticulously. This allows me to communicate more effectively. Think of how happy we are, when we can express our feelings and thoughts. The secret that strengthens our relations lies here. The important power in building strong relationships in my life is my conscious, sincere, and attentive approach for understanding people. This is one of the building blocks for building trust and one of the most valuable virtues in life. Trust ... We all need it.

Today I use it in every field; in my coaching, consulting, training works. The things I know become a great source not only for understanding the facts behind the things that are told or untold, but also for having others find their own realities.

Knowing micro-expressions and body language also develops insights, and it also supports anticipating the situations that may have negative consequences and taking precautions.


Truthfulness and Credibility - ETaC (Paul Ekman - 2015)

Emotional Skills and Competencies - ETaC (Paul Ekman – 2015)